Steam Spy and Steam Gauge analyze the Summer Sale

Marketing PC Self-Publishing

Recently both Steam Spy and Steam Gauge published their analysis on the recent Summer Sale.

Read Steam Spy's here and Steam Gauge's here.

Some highlights:

  • At least 33 million games found new owners during those two weeks
  • Steam Summer Sale made at least $160M in revenue
  • The average discount for this Steam Summer Sale was 66.63% 
  • Larger discounts didn't always correlate with larger sales increases
  • Reduced sale prices often meant games brought in seemingly less overall revenue during the sale period.
  • 76% of games discounted during Steam Summer Sale sold less than 5,000 copies
  • Games that received featured placement during the 11 days of this year's Steam Summer Sale generally saw a sizable increase in sales compared to the pre-sale period.

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