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Do you post videos on YouTube? Would you like people to subscribe to your channel, sign up for a beta, pre-order your game or visit your crowdfunding page? Then consider using YouTube Cards, making it easier for viewers to click to the right destination.

It takes only minutes to add, you can add up to 5 Cards per video and you can track the performance of each Card in YouTube Analytics.

How does it work?

In the beginning of the video, the viewer sees a brief Teaser:

But at any point after that, viewers will see an icon when they hover over the player (on mobile; whenever player controls are shown). They can click the icon to browse all of the Cards present on the video:

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 4.47.37 PM.png

There are currently 6 types of cards:

  1. Merchandise card -- promote licensed merchandise directly from the video. (in order to create merchandise cards you need to accept the Terms & Conditions which will be presented to you during the set-up). You can choose from a number of approved destination URLs and the card will display a top-level URL.
  2. Fundraising card -- fundraising cards can link viewers directly to projects on whitelisted fundraising sites.  You can choose from a number of approved destination URLs and the card will display a top-level URL.
  3. Video or playlist card -- This card can link to another public YouTube video or playlist which can be of interest to the viewer of the current video. You can also link to a specific time in a video or to an individual video in a playlist by entering a video or playlist URL directly.
  4. Associated website card -- Link directly to your associated website from a card. See instructions on how to add an associated website to your account
  5. Channel card -- Link to a channel that you'd like to call out to your viewers. 
  6. Fan Funding card -- This card lets your fans show their appreciation for your videos, by making a monetary contribution directly on the video page. Please note that you need to enable Fan Funding for your channel, before including the Fan Funding Card in your videos.

Good to know about Cards:

  • Cards work better when they're not too close to each other. Try spacing them out.
  • Cards also work on live streams.
  • In order to display cards, your account needs to be in good standing.
  • As iTunes is not supported on Android, merchandise cards linking to iTunes will not be shown on Android devices.

How do I set up Cards?

Visit YouTube's "Set up cards" support page for the latest instructions.

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