IndieCade Festival announces 36 Nominees


The IndieCade Jury has selected 36 games that can be played at the Festival taking place in Los Angeles from October 23-25.

The list covers games on various platforms (including mobile) and tabletop/card games as well!

Find the full list plus links here.

Titles are copied below.

  • 60 Seconds! [PC] by Robot Gentleman Studios.
  • Aboard the Lookinglass [OCULUS, LEAP MOTION] by Henry Hoffman
  • Armello [PC] by League of Geeks
  • Codex Bash [PC] by Alistair Aitcheson
  • Consentacle [TABLETOP/CARD GAME] by Naomi Clark
  • Darknet [PC, OCULUS RIFT] by E McNeill
  • Donut County [PC] by Ben Esposito
  • Eleanor of Ayer [ALTERNATE REALITY GAME] by Gelly Bomb Studio
  • Engare [PC] by Mahdi Bahrami
  • Fabulous Beasts [AUGMENTED REALITY] by Sensible Object
  • Find Maria Rivera [INSTALLATION] by Niki Selken
  • Her Story [PC/IOS ] by Sam Barlow
  • Home Improvisation [PC] by The Stork Burnt Down
  • Kerbal Space Program [PC] by Squad
  • Kwaan [PC] by Ankama Canada
  • Line Wobbler [UNIQUE HARDWARE] by Robin Baumgarten
  • Memory of a Broken Dimension [PC] by XRA: 
  • Monarch [BOARD GAME] by Tilt Factor
  • Museum of Simulation Technology [PC] by Pillow Castle
  • Myriad [PC] by Bifrost Entertainment
  • Nevermind [PC/MAC, IOMPE BIOFEEDBACK SENSOR] by Flying Mollusk
  • Plug & Play [PC, IOS, ANDROID] by Etter Studio
  • Prune [IOS] by Joel McDonald
  • Puzzlets [AUGMENTED REALITY] by Digital Dream Labs
  • Red & Pleasant Land [TABLETOP RPG/BOARD GAME] by Zak S
  • Scale [PC] by Cubeheart
  • Seltani [PC] by Zarfhome Software
  • Sentree [IOS] by Glitchnap
  • Seven Day Band [PC] by Jeff Lait
  • Story Warriors: Fairy Tales [IOS] by Below The Game
  • The Meadow [INSTALLATION, VIRTUAL REALITY] by The Meadow Group
  • Throw Trucks With Your Mind [PC W/NEUROSKY MINDSET] by Crooked Tree Studios
  • Tribal & Error [PC] by Grotman Games
  • Walden, A Game [PC] by USC's Game Innovation Lab
  • Wonderland: A Solvitur Ambulando Mystery [IOS] by No Media Kings 

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