Chartboost suggests the 6 types of mobile game that media love

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Chartboost recently published an analysis of data tracking the amount of coverage gained from the professional games press by mobile games - data gathered by research company Ico Partners.

While the analysis is subjective, it's an interesting read nonetheless - Chartboost suggests there are 6 distinct reasons why the games press choose to cover mobile games, which are generally overlooked or ignored.

1 - Games with an inbuilt 'gaming' audience (eg Fallout Shelter)

2 - Games with pop culture or celeb references (eg Kim Kardashian: Hollywood)

3 - Games with a "big business" angle (eg Clash of Clans)

4 - Games with unique visuals (eg Monument Valley)

5 - Games with dev community cred (eg Alpha Bear)

6 - Games with a weird aspect (eg Flappy Bird)

As a PR that has worked on a number of mobile titles over the years, I'd say 2, 3 and 4 are dubious conclusions to draw. And there is also no guarantee that media coverage is the reason titles have been commercially successful.

But IndieDevKit definitely agrees with the basic principle that you need to put yourself in the shoes of the journalist and think about why they would want to write a story about your game. Because if you don't, why on earth will they? And even if media coverage won't directly drive mobile game downloads, it certainly has some influence on the storefront discovery teams.

Draw your own conclusions by heading over to Chartboost to read their analysis.

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