We have curated the below list of outsource groups and other developer services to help you find who you're looking for. This list is based on personal experiences, tips and recommendations from other developers. If you'd like to recommend a group that has been great to work with, please email us! The email address is info [at] indiedevkit [dot] com. Similarly, if you have had a terrible experience with any of the groups on this page, we'd love to hear about it.

Bug Tracker
QA, PC, Console, Mobile, Open/Closed Beta
With over 15 years of experience, Bug-Tracker is among the best Quality Assurance companies in the world. Offering top technological resources, avant-garde procedures in a secured environment they: analyze, evaluate, measure, report and successfully delivery a wide range of Quality Assurance services to ensure that your company and products succeed.

Global Step
QA, PC, Console, Mobile, Hardware, Open/Closed Beta 

GlobalStep is the largest and fastest growing game testing company dedicated exclusively to the video games market. They focus on: Technical Competence, Communication and Responsiveness, Flexibility and being easy to work with. Testing capabilities include functionality, standards, and compatibility testing on all consoles, PCs, MMO, and mobile platforms. Additionally, they manage open and closed beta services for MMO games and test hardware/accessories with embedded game software. 

Pole to Win
QA, PC, Console, Mobile

The PTW QA Teams successfully work across multiple platforms, compliance requirements and industry standards using vast hardware and software resources.They test in all environments to ensure your products reach the market quickly. The QA team’s goal is to deliver high customer loyalty through quality and market fitness. Services include: Compliance QA, Localization QA, Functionality QA, Compatibility QA, Usability Testing, Multi-Platform Testing
QA, Localization, PC, Console, Mobile
Testronic has over 15 years of experience partnering with industries from entertainment, media and games to publishing, e-commerce and consumer electronics. They provide Quality Assurance, Localization, Compliance and Certification services and pride themselves on getting it right the first time
Universally Speaking
QA, PC, Console, Mobile
Universally Speaking believes that a thorough Quality Assurance process contributes to the creation of better products and ensures the end user satisfaction. Many companies spend millions on perfecting the first few minutes of gameplay to be then let down by undiscovered QA issues which stop players from fully enjoying the game. Services include: Compliance QA, Localization QA, Functionality QA, Compatibility QA.

QA, Localization, Customer Services, PC, Console, Mobile, Open/Closed Beta

VMC's fully-scalable teams efficiently manage your day-to-day Production Operations Support so that you can focus on development, marketing, and monetization of your titles. Their experience across clients, genres, and devices enables them to provide the expertise and transparency of an in-house team of specialists combined with the flexibility and value of an outsourcing partner. VMC's proven, multi-service expertise includes: Lab Testing, Global Beta Test Network, Localization, Live Game Operations
Blind Squirrel
AI Support, UI Engineering, Optimization, Multiplayer/networking
A premier developer of video games for all platforms. Located in Southern California, Blind Squirrel collaborates with publishers and are developing their own internal IPs. Contract experience includes work with organizations such as Take 2 Interactive, Disney Interactive, Sony, ZenMax, Microsoft, Bethesda Softworks, Trion Worlds, Insomniac Games, Avalanche Studios, Yager Development and Darkside Games.
Engineering Support, Optimization, Tools, Ports 
CodeBeast is a group of experienced engineers who have shipped many games on the major consoles and PC, and provide premium contracting services for the games industry. Services include game development, such as: Profiling and optimization on both CPU and GPU, memory optimization, bugfixing, ports, tech feature development in many areas such as graphics, systems, physics, and tools, middleware integration expertise (Havok, PhysX, Scaleform, many others), client-side integration with platform online services (PSN, Live, Steam), middleware, engine, or game-related technologies and engine and middleware feature development.
Grip Games
Console Ports
GRIP Digital s.r.o. is a privately owned developer and publisher of games for game consoles, PC and mobile phones, based in Prague, Czech Republic. They also work with other studios and bring their games to the console platforms. Their ports of “The Impossible Game” and “MiniSquadron” are among the most popular and successful games on the PlayStation®Store.
Iron Galaxy
Engineering Support, Ports
Iron Galaxy is a Chicago based game development studio founded by industry veterans who have worked closely for years. Each of the team members average over eleven years experience in various senior roles with a gameography that boasts published titles on every major gaming console since the original Sony PlayStation.  With a focus on big console technology, their clients and partners rely on Iron Galaxy’s expertise and track record to execute on their most trusted brands.
Robotic Arm
Tools development
With the costs of developing high-end PC and console games increasing, and a rapidly growing casual games market, there is a need for better tools to increase productivity and cut development costs. Off-the-shelf solutions continue to be outpaced by rapidly changing game development technologies, and the unique needs of game development teams.  Robotic Arm meets that need by supplying high-quality custom tools built specifically for their clients from the ground up.
Around the World
Localization, Translation

Around the Word is proud to be associated with such prestigious titles as: GTA, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Deus Ex, Guild Wars, Tomb Raider, Tintin, Guitar Hero, L.A. Noire, Hitman, Splinter Cell, BioShock, Civilization, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne, Spider-Man, Rift: Planes of Telara, Dark Age of Camelot, and Aion. In addition to French and German, Around the Word provides multilingual localization for a number of languages via our network of partners in target-language countries.

Local Heroes
Localization, Translation
Local Heroes is a brand new name in games localization, building on 17 years of experience. The Local Heroes team has worked on thousands of games, ranging from mobile to triple A console and PC games. They offer localization services for the games industry in many languages. 
Localization, Translation

LocalizeDirect is dedicated to helping developers reach more global customers by localizing their games into multiple languages. Their products have received industry recognition and are used by an increasing number of development teams worldwide. Since launching their first product LocDirect, a CMS for localization assets, they now offer a full suite of tools designed to help with all aspects of the localization process
Localization, Translation
Localsoft is a one-stop localization service provider with more than 20 years of experience in localization. Localsoft translates documentation, software, manuals, websites, on-screen text and promotional material into and from 150 languages. Additionally, Localsoft offers desktop publishing, English and foreign-language voiceovers, testing and quality assurance. They position themselves as the most complete, competitive, and creative localization service in the business. 
Localization, Translation 
Synthesis, with its team of localization professionals, is able to take on and manage any video game project. From simple translation to total localization, including highly accurate dubbing, Synthesis has been providing its clients with a complete and efficient service for more than 15 years.
Localization software
No more spreadsheets, emails and FTP sites storing content all over the place. This software lets you collect content and files one time, put them in a central place and update translations as often as you need to, in as many languages as you want. Work with agencies, translators or crowdsource your translations. Continuous localization keeps products, web pages and mobile apps current, all the time.
Universally Speaking
Localization, Translation
Universally Speaking believes that all digital products should be equally enjoyed by all users, no matter what language they speak. Their aim is to convince the players that the game has been created for them in their native tongue and they achieve this through the effective localization process. They work with experienced, trained and native translators who create the localized version of the product by not only translating but carefully adapting the text to their culture and current local trends.
Art, Animation, UI
Atomhawk Design is a world leading digital art and design studio. They are a specialist creative provider of high end Concept Art, UI/UX Design, 2D and 3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Marketing Imagery.
Blind Squirrel
Level Lighting, 3D Modeling, UI Art/Implementation, VFX, Rigging, Animation, Art

A premier developer of video games for all platforms. Located in Southern California, Blind Squirrel collaborates with publishers and are developing their own internal IPs. Contract experience includes work with organizations such as Take 2 Interactive, Disney Interactive, Sony, ZenMax, Microsoft, Bethesda Softworks, Trion Worlds, Insomniac Games, Avalanche Studios, Yager Development and Darkside Games.

Cubic Motion
Facial Animation

Cubic Motion helps create huge volumes of the world’s best facial animation. They work with markerless facial video (single or multi-camera), motion capture, depth sensors, or even just audio. Deliveries: fully-editable animation or tracking, already production-quality on delivery. They never send rough ‘blocking-out’ or similar unfinished results (from which estimating effort to final quality is notoriously difficult). They can also discuss, with close partners, use of our Qommotion™ pipeline technologies in their own studios.
Darkside Studios
Animation, VFX
Character animation is Darkside's forte with over 15 years of practicing; the studio has brilliant artists creating a wide range of amazing CGI, 3D and 2D animation projects for Cinema, Television and Corporate clients. Explosions, blood, planets you name it, Darkside Studios makes VFX look convincing. 
Special Effects, Character Art, Concept Art, Technical Art
FXVille is proud to be one of the premier special effects outsourcing groups in the game industry. They offer high quality assets delivered in a timely and professional manner. They are able to work remotely while still offering onsite services such as due diligence and project/toolset training. Services include: Special Effects, Character Art, Concept Art, Technical Art, Consulting
Speech Graphics
Facial Animation
Speech Graphics is an award-winning start-up delivering cutting-edge facial animation technology to the entertainment industry. Speech Graphics has won several awards for its technology, including the prestigious John Logie Baird Award for innovation, an LT-Innovate Award, a Santander Entrepreneurial Award, and was shortlisted for the 2014 TIGA Games Industry Awards and 2015 Develop Industry Excellence Awards. 
Full service mocap studio
Audiomotion Studios is Europe's leading performance capture service provider. They are a multi-award winning studio, specializing in the provision of motion capture services to the Game Development, Film and Television industries. Equipped with over 160 Vicon cameras, robust realtime, head mounted cameras and virtual camera they can provide everything you need. Enjoy browsing the site and please get in touch to discuss how we can assist with your next production.
House of Moves
Full service mocap studio
HOM offers turn-key integrated services for creative professionals within the entertainment industry.⊕ Pre-production ⊕ Production ⊕ Post-production ⊕ Motion Capture performance acquisition ⊕ Editing / Previsualization ⊕ Quality assurance. HOM gives customers industry-leading motion capture resources to tackle any project. ⊕ Full-performance stages ⊕ Onsite motion capture   Customized rigs ⊕ Specialized gear ⊕ Casting services ⊕ Data processing ⊕ Video / audio  ps ⊕ Choreographers & Directors. A complete in-house pipeline & veteran staff capable of handling almost any challenge production requires.

Sound Effect, Voice Overs, Music


BigLoudSound is full-service sound design, music, and voiceover production, from initial concept to final implementation, with over 14 years of experience specializing in design and implementation for video games and interactive media. BigLoudSound has developed award-winning audio for: AAA video games, indie video games, casual games, casino games, trailers, podcasts and more.
Sound Effects, Voice Overs, Music, Casting, Directing
dSonic provides sound effects, voice overs and music exclusively to the game industry and wants to help developers push the envelope with new uses of adaptive audio in games to bring the gaming experience to new heights. Services include; voice over casting, recording, directing, processing and editing. Music composition and licensing. Sound FX and in-game audio implementation.
Sound Design, Implementation, Voice Over, Recording, Talent, Casting
Formosa Interactive is a full-service sound studio comprised of veteran talent with industry experience going back over 30 years, offering sound design, mixing, and voiceover for video games. Capabilities: Full Service Sound Design, Full Service Voiceover Recording And Editorial, Full-Time In-House Project And Asset Management, Sound Effects Field Recording, World Class Dubbing Stages, ADR And Voiceover Stages. Union signatory.
Voice Over, Recording, Casting, Facial Capture
They are recording engineers, voice and casting directors, programmers, game lovers and  and the pioneers of Game Immersive Voice Recording (GIVR). They've been gnawing the bone of believable performance in games for 20 years. Chipping away at transforming how the recording studio works, the production language and method, and the technology used, to make recording dialogue easier, more intuitive, connected and subtle for complex non-linear storytelling. Their experience spans advertising VO, audio drama recording, animation, music production, sound design and Foley, writing, ADR, and all things voice but their beating heart is the magical, evolving world of interactive media.